6 Benefits of Sports Massage
June 20, 2022


The goal of a sports massage is to reduce pain and discomfort from injuries and too much physical activity. The physiological and psychological benefits of this type of massage go beyond physical relaxation.

Originally, sports massages were designed to help athletes recover from injuries. Sport massages are now available to non-athletes as well as athletes.


#1 Reduce pain & inflammation before and after training & performing

Mild to chronic pain is common among athletes. Injuries can adversely affect an athlete’s ability to perform. 

Research shows that massage facilitates mitochondrial production.

A mitochondrial cell is an energy cell that plays a role in muscle repair and pain suppression. By doing so, it reduces pain, discomfort, and inflammation.

#2 Recover from an injury faster

Injuries are inevitable for athletes, but the recovery can be unbearably painful.

Two hours after an injury or strenuous training, a 60-minute sports massage promotes recovery. The results of a study showed that massages reduce delayed-onset muscle pain. Massages also speed up the recovery process for muscles and joints.

#3 Promote blood circulation

Sports massage benefits the body by increasing and maintaining blood circulation. According to a study, massage therapy can improve blood flow while relieving muscle soreness. After a game or other physically demanding activity, a massage can help improve vascular function.

#4 Increase your mobility & flexibility

Sports massages help promote mobility and flexibility by increasing the blood flow to the muscles and fascia in the days prior to a game or competition. Increasing flexibility and mobility can also help athletes improve their performance.

#5 Alleviate any psychological tension & perform at your best

Sports massage releases endorphins into the body, a neurotransmitter. Pain is relieved naturally by endorphins, which are released from the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. 

An athlete’s wellbeing is enhanced by endorphins released to the body, which decreases pain and anxiety, improves mood, and reduces stress.

#6 Improve your sleep 

The benefits of sports massage include reducing tension, improving sleep quality, and inducing relaxation. It is important for athletes to get enough and proper sleep in order to recover faster from injuries. This can also help boost their performance.

These are just 6 benefits of sports massage for athletes, there are many more!

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